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This website is called Dinosaurs for Dummies: Why?

The generally accepted reason is that anyone who does not accept Darwinism and believes dinosaurs and humankind coexisted must, by definition be Dummies!

Dinosaurs and the sixty plus million years that separate us from them is one of the great icons of evolutionary theory.

But is any part of this firmly held belief based on evidence?

Dating methods that give huge ages to the earth and animals are based on assumptions that cannot be tested. This subject will be addressed on another website.

But if there is solid evidence out there that humankind and huge serpents and dinosaurs existed within the same time frame, then both the long age and evolutionary theories are in trouble.



The cause of this and other websites in the same series is to drill a hole through the certainties embedded within evolutionary theory.

And more importantly to argue that God and the biblical accounts are a more credible explanation of creation than anything dreamt up by Charles Darwin: a man who during the course of losing his Christian faith got almost everything completely wrong: this failure being the subject of yet another website.

‘The question of “What about the Dinosaurs” was a question which always puzzled me as a child. At school we were taught about Evolution and about Dinosaurs becoming extinct millions of years ago.

I believed in God and in His word but dreaded being asked this question.

I found myself trying to fit Evolution and long period days into my faith and beliefs but was always uncomfortable with this. However the same question can cause people to question their faith or even give up on God altogether because the Theory of Evolution and Dinosaurs dying out millions of years ago is taught as if it is all absolute fact.’

Below is an example from a friend of why this subject is important to Christians.